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Latey I’ve been trying my best to gain mass, whilst minimising fat – and failing miserably. Although the holiday period certainly isn’t helping…

Until recently, I’ve been on a Carnivore-ish diet, comprising mainly of meats, fruit and perhaps some root vegetables here and there. Where the problem lies is that, unless I am eating copious amounts of meat and fruit (read: expensive) I just won’t be able to get the calories I need to build the muscle mass I want. 

The typical advice in the body building world is that you can’t gain muscle whilst maintaining minimal fat, as you need the calories to faciliate the muscule growth – makes sense.

For this reason I have started to introduce more carbs – white rice and potatoes – into my diet as a means increase my calorie intake. This is all well and good, until I start wanting ALL the carbs. What started with white rice and potatoes has now blown way out of proportion with sushi and buckets of ice cream, not good when trying my best to stay lean. All this carbohydrate consumption hasn’t been best for my mood either – I’ve found that hangry feeling creeping back into my life and that uncomfortable bloat I seem to experience when on a high carb diet.

For this reason, when I came across the video by Derek from the youTube channel More Plates More Dates reacting to what Frank Grillo eats to maintain a 5% bodyfat year round at the age of 55, I was intrigued.

Keep reading below to learn about 4 of the key takeaways I got from the video to get shredded like Frank Grillo. 

The Paelo Diet

It’s no surprise that Frank Grillo takes his diet seriously. Doing his best to eat as clean as possible, the principles of the Palio diet allow him to do that. Comprising mainly of lean meats and vegetables this allows him to restrict calorie intake, whilst maximising protein. I’m still on the fence as to whether we need to be eating as many calories as traditional bodybuilding knowledge suggests to achieve mass gain whilst maintaining a lean physique, it seems The rules don’t apply to Frank – I’ll be testing this theory in 2022. 

Bulletproof Coffee 

Bulletproof coffee has been around for a while now and for good reason. A morning beverage created by Dave Asprey of Bullletproof CEO, the bulletproof coffee is a concoction of coffee, MCT oil and butter. 

By replacing the usual sugary cereal with a bulletproof coffee the body is kickstarted into fat burning mode, giving you sustained energy, a feeling of fullness with less calories all the way through lunch time. As you can imagine, the reduced calories throughout the earlier part of the day does wonders for fat reduction. 

Vitamin D3 Supplementation 

In the video Frank mentions that he takes up to 10,000 UI of vitamin D per day – now that is a lot. Now, since Covid I think it’s been made pretty clear the benefits of supplementing vitamin D on a regular basis to improve not only metabolic health but also hormonal health. Vitamin D is essential for the functioning of the human body and it has been proven time and time again. Perhaps 10,000 UI is a bit extreme in most cases but I feel like everyone should be at least getting 2,000 to 4,000 UI per day, whether that’s from the natural sources such as the sun or supplementing in a pill form. I prefer the former, for obvious reasons, and track my dosage with the D minder app available on the Apple App Store. 

He also makes mention of Tumeric supplementation for inflammation.

Cardio, cardio, and more cardio

Finally, no lean physique is ever achieved without a substantial amount of cardio. Whilst diet is extremely important when it comes to reducing fat getting sufficient amounts of cardio is a close second. Frank has been heavily involved in the martial arts for a long time and for that reason is extremely fond of boxing as his preferable cardio source. This, combined with swimming running and weight training gives his body all he needs to maintain that 5% percent physique yeah round.


Frank Grillo is one of the few celebrity athletes I look up to. His physique at the age of 55 is certainly impressive and it’s something I would like to aspire to as I get older. This year my goal is to get my body fat percentage down to around 12% whilst parasitising lean muscle mass. By implementing some of the things suggested here, hopefully it will give me closer to my goal. 

I have two questions for you today so feel free to leave your answers in the comments below. What is your current body fat percentage? And what do you do to maintain that but if it percentage? I am curious to know your answers.

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