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If you’ve been following along with some of my blog posts, you may be thinking what on earth this matched betting is, and how on earth can I make money from it?

I originally stumbled upon the concept of matched betting when I was bored at home one day and wanted to earn a little more cash in my spare time. I had two options; go out and find a job or find a way to make money online. Thankfully I opted for the latter.

After fumbling my way around google for a time I stumbled upon a service that taught this concept. After a bit of research and intrigue getting the better of me I thought what the hell, I?d give it a shot. 

Oddsmonkey allowed me to start making money online, in my own time and completely tax-free. 


If you are completely new to Matched Betting you most likely have no idea what Oddsmonkey is and what it does right?

Well, Oddsmonkey is one of the most comprehensive resources out there when it comes to teaching anyone who would like to learn how to go from a complete newbie to advanced matched bettor?and make plenty of money in the process.

Originally the platform was set up to provide an odds matching software for other matched betting services but after a time decided on becoming a complete matched betting service in its own right. Since then the platform has become a leader in its field.

Oddsmonkey makes it easy to learn and earn a tax-free second income, in your own time on the internet. Since starting I have produced over £1,300 in tax-free income and now I want to help as many people I can earn the same.


The Oddsmonkey platform has all the training and resources required to start your Matched Betting journey. As long as you follow their very concise instructions, it’s impossible not to make money! 

When you first sign up to Oddsmonkey they provide a free trial to dip your toes in the water, so to speak. This provides concrete proof that Matched Betting works, is not a scam, and is not gambling. This introduction provides an overview of Matched Betting, an explanation on Betting Exchanges, and then walks you through two matched betting offers.



After completing these offers, you should expect approximately £30 for less than an hour’s work. Not a bad return on investment at all.

Once you have completed these free offers you can proceed to the full membership (which I will explain in detail shortly) and start working through over £600 worth of offers that they have available. As the membership is only £17.99 per month it certainly makes a worthwhile investment.


What else an Oddsmonkey membership provide? I will now explain the other features and benefits that can take you from an amateur to pro matched bettor in no time.


The matched betting tutorials are comprehensive and are great for those who are yet to start matched betting. 

They provide step-by-step written guides, video guides, and a fantastic support forum and email support. They provide guides on different matched betting techniques such as:

  • Arbing
  • Dutching
  • Risk-Free Bets
  • Qualifying Bets
  • Casino Guides
  • Accumulators

Just to name a few. The guides are very easy and simple to follow.


Now, I’m aware that everybody is probably at different stages of their matched betting journey; some of you are learning about what liability is, some are learning about equal-profit methods on refund welcome offers and some are tackling the various lay method options associated with football accumulator refund offers.

But you all have one thing in common, you’re all increasing your ability to earn risk-free profits from matched betting.

For that reason, Oddsmonkey offers a fantastically tailored service to help make increasing your profits even easier – One to One Training.

Simply book a one to one session with a matched betting expert and you can ask them ANY questions you like to further your matched betting profits. I highly recommend taking advantage of one of these sessions if you can, they can maximize your profits and come included in the monthly fee.


With countless Matched Betting offers available at any one time the Oddsmonkey community is invaluable and can be the difference between making £250/month and £1000/month.

The forum access that is included in the membership allows you to benefit from:

  • Real-time offer sharing
  • Success stories and motivation
  • Hints and tips
  • 24hr support from both members and staff


As I mentioned earlier, once you have completed the introduction offers, the Oddsmonkey membership provides an impressive 60+ bookmaker welcome offers; all with written guides and an increasing number with dedicated video guides too.

As well as these there are over 25 profitable casinos and bingo offers.


Ongoing, reload and daily offers are the offers that make matched betting a long-term additional income and not just a one-off cash injection. These are offers that bookmakers offer out to all customers (new and existing).

With the help of the Oddsmonkey tools, we can successfully source and take advantage of them for a monthly profit boost!


Probably the most valuable part of the Oddsmonkey membership has to be the vast amount of tool they have available to make your matched betting experience far easier. These include:


Some ‘existing customer offers’ require us to bet on specific sports or sporting events. This means it’s not always easy to find a suitably matched bet, that doesn’t cost us too much in trigger bet losses.

The Oddsmatcher tool helps us by displaying the very best matches across the bookmaker and exchange, which saves you time and maximizes your profits. The Oddsmatcher software has been developed over the past 5 years and over 25,000 matched bettors currently us it.


Daily offers (existing customer offers) are often sporadic and not always easy to find. The time it takes to find the offers and ultimately find a good match, if done manually, will likely mean they?re not good value for money.

However, all the leg-work is done for you by providing a simple and easy to navigate daily offer calendar, each offer comes with a guaranteed profit breakdown.

We?d advise you check this section each day for all the very best free bets to turn into cash.


The Acca Matcher scans all eligible football games as per the bookmaker offer’s terms and conditions and then compiles the most profitable selection of bets to put into your accumulator. When using the Acca Matcher tool you can make up to £8 per accumulator offer.

And with 15 offers available each week, this tool saves you a lot of time whilst also increasing profits!


When you’re doing as many as 20 horse racing refunds a day, it’s important to save as much time as possible, as well as, keep trigger bet losses to a minimum with every race you do.

By focusing your search on your own pre-set filters, the?Racing Matcher?makes finding horse racing refunds quicker, easier and more profitable.

Much like the Oddsmatcher tool, the Racing Matcher is a great way to reduce your trigger bet losses by finding the best available matches instantly.


I hope you have found this review useful. I am very confident that if you’re wanting to take your Matched Betting and earnings next level then this full Matched Betting service is the perfect place for you to achieve this.

With a free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose in giving matched betting a try. 


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