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Please find below various resources I use and have used in the past. As I currently live in Australia, some of these are Australian only. If you sign up using my links below, some of these resources will provide a cash back or sign up bonus.

Up Digital Bank (Australia Only)

Sign up using this link and receive $10. Make 5 purchases in the first 30 days, make a further $5.
Up is a digital bank designed to help you organise your money and simplify your life. Monzo was huge when I was in the UK and I’ve been looking for a similar banking app since I moved to Australia. UP Bank is that app.

ReAmped Energy (Australia Only)

Sign up using this link and receive $50 credit to your account.
Power is power, so when I first moved to Australia and needed a power provider ReAmped came up as the cheapest so ultimately signed with them. They also have the option to offset your usage with green energy, which is a nice touch.

Aussie Broadband (Australia Only)

Sign up here using the referral code 4940821 and get $50 credit.
Aussie Broadband is meant to be one of the most reliable broadband services from the research I’ve done. So far it stands up to the hype. Get $50 credit with my referral code 4940821